Take a Hike

We take ‘Genuine by Nature’ to heart at Radium Resort and with great accessibility to a variety of hiking trails starting from the Resort, you can genuinely escape into nature any time you wish.

Access to the hiking trails from the Resort can be found by following the main entrance road to the sharp corner at the top of the hill just east of the tennis courts. Once on the main trail you are 3.25km from the Village of Radium or 6.35km from the historic Radium Hot Springs pools. Along the way you will encounter scenic vistas of the Columbia Valley, the wetlands, The Springs golf course and Red Streak. Of course you’ll more than likely also encounter some of the local wildlife and as such you should be properly prepared – especially at this time of year when bears emerge from hibernation.

You can also access the Red Streak Restoration trail, Valleyview trail, Sinclair Canyon trail, Juniper trail and Edge of the Rockies trail all from the starting point at Radium Resort. It is easy to see why Radium Resort could be your home base for your next hiking vacation.