The Springs, Edgewater Elementary and Radium Rotary Sunrise Club

The Springs, Edgewater Elementary and Radium Rotary Sunrise Club

Yesterday was the kick off to a six-week “learn to golf” partnership program among the Springs Golf Course, Radium Rotary Sunrise Club, and Edgewater Elementary School with refreshments provided by Coke. The program arose through Radium Resort’s commitment to grow the game of golf and a fundraising opportunity for the Radium Rotary Sunrise Club through hole-in-one events at the Radium golf courses  to raise funds to cover the transportation costs for the students.

Each Tuesday for the next six weeks, 24 grade five to seven students from Edgewater School will have the opportunity to learn the basics of golf.  The Springs Golf Academy instructors will introduce the game and teach golf etiquette and safety, grip, stance, posture and alignment, full swing, putting and chipping.  The students will gain a level of comfort in playing the game and demystifying what can be an intimidating environment–even for an adult!

Radium Resort runs Junior golf camps throughout the summer and participates in “Bring a Kid to the Course Week” each July. Radium Radium course and the Springs also participate in the Columbia Valley Golf Trail’s Junior Golf Tour, which is a series of 8 consecutive Wednesday after school golf events across the Valley.

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