Elevations Dining Menu

Perhaps the best patio in the Valley!

Located in the Springs Course Clubhouse, Elevations offers the perfect place in Radium to dine. Its outdoor patio is a great place to sit back, enjoy a casual meal and your favorite drink while you look out over the beautiful Columbia Valley wetlands and surrounding Purcell and Rocky Mountains.

Eggs, Canadian back bacon and cheddar cheese on a toasted English muffin.
Sandwich Only $6 / With Rosti $10

BREAKFAST WRAP $10 – 3 cheeses, scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, diced peppers and sautéed onions with a rosti potato in a flour tortilla wrap.

THE ALBATROSS $17 – 2 Eggs any style, Canadian bacon, black forest ham and sausage on a fresh rosti potato served in a warm cast iron pan.

BIRDIE $13 – 2 Eggs any style, choice of Canadian bacon, Black forest ham or breakfast sausage, served with a rosti potato.

EGGS BENEDICT $13 – 2 Poached eggs nestled on a toasted English muffin with Canadian back bacon and citrus hollandaise, served with rosti potatoes.

EGG WHITE FRITTATA $14 – Sautéed spinach, button mushrooms, diced tomatoes and peppers served with rosti potatoes and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

HOLE IN ONE $19 – 6 oz AAA Alberta Striploin served with 2 eggs any style and rosti potatoes.

FRENCH TOAST $13 – Thick cut French bread dipped in egg, brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar, served with Canadian maple syrup.

PANCAKES $13 – Buttermilk pancakes, topped with mixed berries and icing sugar served with Canadian maple syrup.

SALMON ROSTI $16 – Smoked Salmon served with rosti potatoes, poached egg and a dollop of sour cream.


Cup $6 / Bowl $8

SPRING’S COBB SALAD GF – Organic mixed greens topped with avocado, cherry tomatoes, julienne egg, three cheeses, poached chicken, cucumbers and black beans with a light blue cheese dressing.
Meal $15

KALE QUINOA SALAD GF – Quinoa and tender kale tossed with a made in-house sun dried tomato vinaigrette.
Starter $8 / Meal $13

MARKET SALAD GF – Organic mixed greens, watermelon radishes, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, maple pecans, house basil garlic dressing.
Starter $6 / Meal $9                 Add Grilled Chicken Breast $6 / Grilled Salmon $8

CAESER SALAD GF – Crispy romaine, pancetta, herbed croutons, grana padano cheese, homemade Caesar dressing.
Starter $8 / Meal $13


CAPRICCIO FLATBREAD $14 – Pesto, herbed tomatoes, mozzarella and feta, with a truffle basil olive oil.

NACHOS for sharing GF $22 – Corn tortilla chips topped with pico de gallo, black beans, habanero mixed three cheese, fresh cilantro, salsa and sour cream.
Add Chicken or Beef $6 / Guacamole $4

CHARCUTERIE BOARD for sharing $24 – Assortment of cured meats and cheeses accompanied by pickled gherkins, olives, mustards, fruit compote and assorted crackers.

CHICKEN WINGS $15 – Lightly dusted wings, fried to perfection, with a choice of Franks Hot, butter chicken, chipotle, salt & pepper or honey garlic sauce.

CALAMARI $15 – Lightly seasoned calamari served with house made tzatziki.


MANGO TANGO CHICKEN BURGER $16 – Grilled chicken breast, Swiss cheese, mayo, mango chutney, lettuce, tomato and onion on a toasted Kaiser bun with hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

ANGUS BURGER $17 – 7 oz Angus burger with cheddar, avocado poblano aioli, lettuce, tomato and onion on a toasted pretzel bun with hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

STEAK SANDWICH $18 – 6 oz AAA Alberta beef served with sautéed onions and mushrooms on a grilled French baguette with hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

FISH TACOS $16 – 3 soft shell tacos stuffed with pan seared yellowfin tuna, pico de gallo, ginger slaw and citrus cream fraiche.

GRILLED MONTREAL REUBEN $15 – Montreal smoked meat, sauerkraut, Elevations sauce and Swiss cheese on rye bread with hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

FISH & CHIPS 1 PC $14 / 2 PC $17 – Beer battered cod fillets fried to perfection, served with house mustard slaw, tartar sauce and hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

BRISKET MELT $15 – Smoked certified Alberta beef brisket, cheddar cheese and crispy onions on a French baguette with hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

SPRINGS’ FAMOUS CLUBHOUSE $15 – Smoked turkey, lettuce, tomato, rosemary bacon, Applewood smoked cheddar and garlic aioli on toasted sourdough bread with hand cut Kennebec potato fries.


NEW YORK STRIPLOIN $20 – AAA cut Striploin served with grilled balsamic seasonal vegetables and hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

8oz RIBEYE $22 – AAA cut ribeye served with sautéed garlic button mushrooms and hand cut Kennebec potato fries.

MAPLE SOY GRILLED SALMON $19 – Fresh Atlantic salmon glazed with maple soy, served with sautéed seasonal vegetables and steamed rice.

WILD MUSHROOM PAPPARDELLE $19 – Sautéed wild mushrooms with garlic, onions, herbs and white wine, tossed in a cream sauce with a touch of truffle oil.

BIBIMBAP $17 – Ultimate Korean rice bowl served with warm white rice topped with seasonal vegetables with a hint of sesame oil, Korean marinated beef, fried egg, and dried seaweed and a side of gochujang (Korean sweet chilly paste).

SOUTHERN DEEP FRIED CHICKEN $18 – Southern fried chicken leg served with bacon collard greens in white wine and house mac and cheese.

PASTA POLLO $21 – Pan seared chicken breast with garlic and button mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce, tossed with penne, gratinated with mozzarella cheese and a dollop of marinara sauce.

SEAFOOD PASTA PROVINCIAL $25 – Shrimp, mussels and calamari sautéed with onion, garlic, fresh herbs,white wine and sweet cherry tomatoes, tossed in linguini pasta.