Rising Sun Massage and Spa

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Our lives are entangled in motion, often leaving us with no time to take a breath. Your well being deserves moments that are just for you. Take the time to breathe again in the beautiful atmosphere of the Resort’s natural and serene surroundings.

Rising Sun Massage and Spa, Radium Resort’s on-site full service spa facility, offers massage, reflexology and spa treatments to ease your mind and body.

Rising Sun Massage

A professional blend of techniques, including the stimulation of trigger points, which clears your mind and body of built up tension. You’ll walk away feeling relaxed, released and rejuvenated.
½ Hour – $55.00
¾ Hour – $65.00
1 Hour – $80.00
1 ½ Hours – $110.00

Ancient Art of Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient method of stimulating both nerves and circulation, opening meridians of anatomical function and health.
1 Hour – $70.00

Essential Sun Pedicure

Pedicures are the essential foundation of good health. Includes a complementary mini bottle of OPI nail polish.
Paraffin Pedicure – $75.00
Express – $50.00
Men – $50.00

Waking Sun Facials

Experience the renewal of warm steam with facial cleanse, exfoliation, natural mask, toner and hydrating cream.
Facial – $125.00

Radiant Heat Hot Stone Massage

Combine the thermal transfer of heat into meridians from ancient geological stones with fine oils and a soothing massage for the ultimate in relaxation.
1 Hour – $90.00

Sun Shower and Raindrops

A delicate aromatherapy oil assimilation treatment and gentle massage is beneficial to all physiologies.
1 Hour – $90.00

All prices are subject to change and applicable taxes. Ask about doubles massage and other treatments for you and a friend!

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