The walls of Radium Resort are alive with the work of local artists.

The Columbia Valley is rich with artisans of all types and Radium Resort is proud to be able to feature their work on the walls of the Resort. From paintings of scenic vistas, wildlife or the abstract to the fibre artwork creations of one of the current feature artist Sharlene Scofield – the variety of creative work in this area is vast.

Sharlene Scofield is a fibre artist whose creations show case Radium Hot Springs’ wildlife and natural beauty through felted wool, embroidery, beading and the use of natural materials. Sharlene also prepares her own wool through teasing, carding, dying and spinning –which is an art form almost unto itself. Sharlene is a resident of Radium Hot Springs, BC, an active member of the community and a Rotarian.

You can see a selection of Sharlene’s creations on the wall in the hallway leading to the Resort Pro Shop.

Currently in the Resort Restaurant you’ll find artwork by Jan Zora on display and in the lobby is artwork by Angelique Gillespie.

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